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Written by J.P. Essene Chief Editor 1 Undergroud

So I was out recently with D.E. Alexander the Chief Editor of 247 News and the founder of Adoni Publishing the infamous Dr. Sol Adoni.

I heard during our night out from both D.E. Alexander and Dr. Sol Adoni that Amazon has been targeting their books and network.

I said how?

Well these article on 247 News proves lots of new books have been banned by Amazon and old books removed.

Amazon Bans Math Books and Time Travel Books

Amazon Bans new Historical book on JESUS

Dr. Adoni explained that the NSA must have forced Amazon to in one day ban three of his math books. The most likely reason is they all had his 30 Mod Prime Number Theory released over 20 years that the NSA stole and used to back door modern encryption via the release of huge primes with ‘special relationships’ through NSA controlled organizations such as NiST and it’s European counterpart ENISA.

These are the books that all over a year old that Amazon BANNED in one day recently.

Prime Algorithm

BItcoin Algorithm


This is the series of books on TIME TRAVEL written by Dr. Adoni that are BANNED by Amazon.

i Time Travel

So to see how large the BAN on the Network of Dr. Adoni is at Amazon I visited the Authors Voice Forum at Amazon and posted a post asking Authors how they are PROMOTING their eBooks besides the huge BookBub portal.

The posted lasted a few minutes before an Amazon Nazi realized it led to Adoni Publishing Forums with posts about the AMAZON BAN on Dr. Adoni Books.

So posting to Amazon’s Forum for author to HELP AUTHORS PROMOTE THEIR EBOOKS On Free Adoni Publishing sites that just mentioned the AMAZON BAN of Dr. Adoni got my posts removed.

So if you post about Dr. Adoni and his BAN by Amazon or post to sites with that info, the Net Nazi bastards of Amazon will ban you and remove your posts.

These are the sites that got my post removed at Amazon. You would think Amazon would be all for any site helping their authors SELL EBOOKS right? Well WRONG, they are banning sites that discuss the BAN by Amazon on Dr. Adoni’s math and time travel books, I saw it first hand by mentioning these sites.

1 eBooks Book Promo Forum

1 Book Review Book Promo Forum

So now I give you my fans my opinions on Amazon and their Net Nazi bans on Dr. Adoni and my opinion on that rich asshole Jeff Bezos.

Sing with me in chorus.





Watch how fast Amazon removes a post about the AMAZON BAN on Dr. Adoni’s Books.

P.S. It took a few minutes for Amazon to ban that post by deleting all of its content.



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#1 Underground News & Videos Site Over 20 Years

News - Music - Videos - Conspiracies - Paranormal

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