Curse of SOLLOG Kills Art Bell

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Curse of SOLLOG Kills Art Bell

 By 1 Underground

He speaks and famous people die. Some of the famous deaths included  John Paul II, Anton LaVey, Princess Diana and JFK Jr. They all died when his prophecies warned.

His name is SOLLOG and for over 20 years his Prophecies have become LEGEND around the world due to Hurricanes and Earth Quakes striking where he says.

Art Bell died today, 6 months ago the GREAT SOLLOG warned Art Bell would die soon in a time stamped tweet on Twitter.h

The Tweet was a big deal to fans of SOLLOG since he retired from writing Prophecies at the end of 2015. In fact 247 News did a huge article 6 months ago showing 6 SOLLOG Tweets about the Death Warning.

He named 5 famous radio hosts marked for death and then released a Direct Public Tweet to each host explaining how each would soon, some in earthquakes others by a suicide or heart attack.

Read the article at 247 News

SOLLOG Tweets DEATH WARNINGS to Top Radio Hosts

SOLLOG is very famous for his Prophecies about the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Every mass death event in North America occurs on his PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Other radio hosts named in the SOLLOG Tweet include:

Howard Stern (Suicide)

George Noury (Quake)

Jeff Rense (Quake)

Paul Castellano (Heart Attack)

In the Art Bell direct tweet SOLLOG doesn’t directly say the great quake kills him as he warned Noury and Rense. He says the great Quakes are near as is Bell’s death. Here is the time stamped tweet sent directly to Art Bell.

@ArtBellCom Art the great quakes are about to strike you will be dead very soon judgment is nigh

— Sollog (@sollog) 5 October 2017

SOLLOG releases his Prophecies now in Music Videos under his bands name REX LUCIFERIUS.

They are just songs where he sings about his famous old Prophecies that continue to control our reality.

The PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD death lines run through the desert of Nevada where Bell died, it connects Portland to Mexico City.

The worse mass shooting in USA history struck that line in Las Vegas close to Pahrup Nevada where Bell died.

SOLLOG says these death events are all programmed since our reality is just a virtual simulation. Over 40 years ago he theorized Holographic or Computer Universe Theory.

SOLLOG is also known as Dr. Sol Adoni and he has written over 100 books about paranormal topics and yet he has never appeared on Paranormal radio shows hosted by Art Bell or George Noury the top Paranormal radio hosts in the USA.

Over 20 years ago SOLLOG appeared on a show hosted by Jeff Rense who allowed a caller to verbally attack SOLLOG.

Since then SOLLOG has refused to do any radio shows as well as TV shows that often request him to appear in regards to his famous Prophecies that has earned him the title of THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS.

At the end of 2015 SOLLOG retired from writing anymore Prophecies as SOLLOG. That was the end of 20 years of Prophecies.

Since then the Prophecy songs of SOLLOG were released as REX LUCIFERIUS songs and they have found a huge following with over 40 Million Plays on SoundCloud and he has had 3 number One hits on SoundCloud.

His music videos on YouTube have almost 1 Million plays.

You can read the 60 or so famous SOLLOG Prophecies on his site and since 2009 most of his Prophecies were released on YouTube as well.

Every SOLLOG Prophecy was released to Usenet where they all were time-stamped in Usenet to prove to future fans HE PREDICTED every major historic tragedy that has happened.

Famous SOLLOG sites include:

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#1 Underground News & Videos Site Over 20 Years

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