Evil Monopoly Amazon DROPS Authors KENP Royalties AGAIN

Jeff Bezos is the ANTI-CHRIST

Says Author

I’m so glad I’m not an author per se, the reason is the main guy paying authors now is THE ANTI-CHRIST.


So saith the great Dr. Sol Adoni in his latest rant on why Amazon and Jeff Bezos is THE ANTI-CHRIST

Even 247 News is running with the story about hos Amazon and Bezos have taken away 25% of all authors earnings in their new KENP program and now a famous author is howling, Bezos is SATAN HIMSELF!

247 News Article saying Amazon and Jeff Bezos is THE ANTI-CHRIST.

Now the fact is Amazon and Bezos have slammed a huge hurt on most Indie Authors and smaller publishers with the devaluation of the royalties in their new KENP royalty system. If an author made say $1,000 with KENP in August of last year he earned only $750 bucks in December if he had the same page views for his book.

How can Amazon and Jeff Bezos just take away 25% of an authors royalties? They’re Amazon a MONOPOLY and that is what Dr. Adoni is really saying.

The you have Amazon starting to ban the books of Dr. Adoni. They banned his three books with his math theories in them, then they banned his new series on Time Travel and lastly they banned his nearly 1,000 page work on the historical Jesus.

Now Dr. Adon is screaming at his blog JESUS, JESUS, JESUS look at the ANTI-CHRIST Jeff Bezos banning my books on Jesus and ripping off 25% in royalties.


Maybe Jeff Bezos is THE ANTI-CHRIST.

These are books banned by Amazon written by Dr. Adoni.

BUY THEM to support his crusade against THE ANTI-CHRIST.


Amazing Adventures of Sollog the Time Traveler Series

Prime Algorithm

Bitcoin Algorithm

CIA Project Bitcoin





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