Metrojet Flight 9268 crashes on 113 as Sollog warned

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Sollog 113 Prophecy Strikes Again

Russian Plane Crash hits date with 113 on Solstice Line

For over 13 years the famous Sollog 113 Prophecy has taken thousands of human lives.


Plane Crashes



All have struck over and over on dates with 113 in them as Sollog warned over 13 years ago.

Our buddies at 247 News have a great article on it that they allowed us to reprint below.

From 247 News


113 Prophecy Hits Again

Sollog’s 113 Prophecy about Plane Crashes



Read the Book about the Man who Predicts Plane Crashes

13 Years ago Sollog whom many consider to be the Greatest Prophet since Nostradamus, warned of how numerous plane crashes would hit over and over on dates with 113 in them.

The Russian Plane Crash of Flight 9268 occurred on October 31st, Halloween or a date with 113 in it.

The famous Sollog Xmas Prophecies of 2014 (see our article about it) is a video that featured a map with a Solstice Line over Asia and Sollog warned 3 Planes would crash on his Solstice Line. Within a few months 3 major Asian plane crashes hit the exact Solstice Line Sollog named. See our 3 Plane Crash Article on Sollog.

Sollog recently warned the world about SOLSTICE LINES ENERGY and he explained how there are a few major SOLSTICE LINES on earth and PLANES CRASH ON THEM OVER AND OVER. The Russian plane crash hit the Sollog SOLSTICE LINES featured in his book about ancient energy lines titled SOLSTICE LINES.

The same Summer Solstice Line is where Air France 447 crashed in the Atlantic Ocean off of Brazil and the home of many ancient monuments including the Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island and the Nazca Lines as well as the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.

Here is the original Sollog 113 Prophecy

The 113 Prophecy was released on March 8th 2002 which was 13 years ago. Here is a time stamped link to that proves Sollog warned of 113 and PLANE CRASHES in the future.!msg/

The famous Sollog Blood Moon Prophecy issued this Passover stated a plane crash would occur soon on a Solstice Line and the crash of Flight 9268 is at the nexus where the two major Sollog SOLSTICE LINES intersect over Mount Sinai area. Ancient monuments and pyramids are on the Sollog SOLSTICE LINES.

This image has been used by Sollog for most of the past year in his books and videos on SOLSTICE LINES energy, it literally gave the EXACT AREA where Flight 9268 Exploded at the intersection of these two lines, making the Sollog Solstice Line Plane Crash warning the greatest hit for a plane crash prediction in history. His 113 Prophecy named October 31st and his Blood Moon Prophecy stated a plane crash would occur on a Solstice Line and it did where the two main SOLSTICE LINES intersect. Sollog literally DREW AN X on a map and Flight 9268 crashed at the center of the Sollog X formed from SOLSTICE LINES.

Solstice Lines
Solstice Lines

Here is the image of the Sollog Summer Solstice Line where many ancient monuments are located from Sollog’s Book SOLSTICE LINES, the summer solstice energy line is where planes crash over and over. It connects ancient monuments such as Easter Island to the Nazca Lines and the Pyramids of Giza as well as the Sinai region of the Plane Crash of Flight 9268 and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Summer Solstice Line
Summer Solstice Line

Sollog’s book The 33rd Degree explains how the 33rd lines on maps for Longitude and Latitude both have major loss of life events on them over and over. The crash of flight 9268 struck on the 33rd Line of Longitude.

The Following are all videos Sollog issued the past year explaining how major earth quakes and plane crashes occur on these ancient energy Solstice Lines.

These are all recommended reading as to Books about Sollog and his famous Prophecies and Lines of Death.

Prophecies Sollog

Plane Crash

Solstice Lines

Lines of Death

Triangles of Death

The 33rd Degree

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