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Music Review

Cross Roads Rex Luciferius

Rex the Prophet of Rock

Rex Luciferius


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Very seldom does a music album appear that changes everything.

CROSS ROADS by Rex Luciferius  IS IT

In the future music will be defined as BRL (Before Rex Luciferius) and ARL (After Rex Luciferius).

The reason is simple this album has tracks that will be worshipped as DIVINE PROPHECY since they have already produced exact details about future events such as the Dallas and Baton Rouge Cop Killings in the haunting lyrics.

Rex Luciferius is no stranger to to having his songs CREATE THE FUTURE when in 2002 the FBI thought he was the DC Sniper due to their song VIRGIN MARY SACRIFICES giving exact details about future events in the lyrics.

Well it’s 14 years later and now Rex Luciferius has released CROSS ROADS and WOW the songs are great as music but the fact a few are giving exact details of the future in them means Luciferius has created an epoch in the history of music.

A modern day PROPHET walking the earth with exact details of historic events in the lyrics of his songs.

No one can compete with that, a singer that sings in the deepest bass voice in Blues and Rock that gives his fans THE FUTURE.

So in the ‘future’ all musicians will be gauged by this work, you either can sing and create the future or you can’t. Rex Luciferius is the first band to GIVE THEIR FANS THE FUTURE IN SONGS.

So what shall we call this new type of music?

Prophecy Blues

Prophecy Rock


The new album starts off with CROSS ROADS and it’s easy to see why some experts in Blues are saying Rex is the reincarnation of Robert Johnson now returned to give us details about why so many musicians have died at the young age of 27.

Other tracks are powerful including the Prophecy songs

Pentagram of Blood and 7 Pentagrams.

When you watch the music videos for these songs and read the lyrics you see THE FUTURE is indeed in these powerful music videos.

White Jacket is a powerful song by Rex Luciferius that adds a reverb to his already booming bass voice that alone would be a masterpiece by a new Rock Blues singer. The song gives the life story of a famous celebrity now wearing his WHITE JACKET.

The End is yet another PROPHECY song about how an asteroid will soon kill almost everyone on earth.

The deep blues voice of Rex is booming on his new take on the Backdoor Man. Don’t think this is a cover of the Doors song, it is not, it is all new music and verses that explains exactly what a Backdoor Man is.

Rage is yet another powerful song by Rex that explains as he has aged over the years he has nothing but RAGE for how humanity has fallen into the abyss.

Lies is yet another powerful song by Rex that condemns all religions as LIES as well as politicians

In THE BOX Rex Luciferius paints a picture of our lives existing in a simple box (computer) and how we are all pawns.

The final songs of the album are simply titled LOVE and then HATE. Both are great when you consider who the singer is…



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