Paris Terrorism Predicted by Sollog

Friday the 13th Massacre

Predicted by Sollog

If you are a fan of Sollog the modern day Nostradamus, you are well aware of his famous 113 Prophecy.

You are well aware how Sollog always warns any Friday the 13th is a potential date for terrorism, plane crashes, earthquakes and massacres.

This Friday the 13th collided with a date with 113 in it since it was on 11/13.

Sure enough the 113 Prophecy of Sollog was fulfilled by Muslim Terrorists chanting Allah Akbar (God is Great).

The article below is from our pals at 247 News.

It explains for novices the whole Sollog 113 Prophecy phenomena that is sweeping the world in sacrificial blood.

247 News Article on 113 Prophecy and the Paris Terrorism

113 Prophecy Strikes Again

Rare Sollog Reading

The greatest prophet in history is SOLLOG and his famous 113 Prophecy strikes again with major terrorism on a date with 113 in it.

It struck the famous Sollog Solstice Lines that runs through Paris that connects to ancient sites such as Stonehenge and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as well as ancient pyramids in Bosnia and Indonesia.

113 Prophecy with a time stamp from 13 years ago.

Sollog’s 113 Prophecy on his Site.

Our article on how the 113 Prophecy hit the crash of Flight 9268

Solstice Lines site that explains how such events hit certain energy lines over and over.




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