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School Shootings

What the Media is Hiding


Some of our award winning School Shootings Articles

There’s a reason the US Secret Service investigates all US School Shootings…

In 1996 mystic SOLLOG put the locations of most of the US School Shootings into a US Federal Case…

Almost all US School Shootings strike the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD

Columbine Shooting Video – See the video shot inside school cafeteria during massacre!

Website of Columbine High killer Eric Harris! – See it here!

Suicide Poem of Columbine High School Killer! – See it here!

Japan MASSACRE – 30 attacked with knife in school!

San Diego School Shooting – WHERE SOLLOG WARNED!

School Shooting in Fort Gibson Oklahoma! ON THE SOLLOG LINE!

School Shooting in Littleton! – Where Sollog warned!

Another US School Shooting! This time it’s in Seattle!

Another School Shooting – EXACTLY on THE SOLLOG LINE of TRAGEDY!

Another school shooting! – This time Edinboro! Are all the shootings are connected?

Another School Shooting! – 3 Dead in Jonesboro School Shooting! Another Sign!

Another Bizarre High School MASSACRE – It connects to Sollog’s WARNING!

Newtown Massacre another school shooting hits PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD map!

Aurora Massacre Hits Pentagram of Blood Third School Shooting This WEEK! – Another US SCHOOL SHOOTING Hits LINE OF SOLLOG!

Bizarre Connection in School Shootings! – Bizarre Connection in NINE US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!

School Shootings – The Shocking Connection in Nine School Shootings!

San Diego School Shooting – Another School Shooting connects to SOLLOG!

Seattle School Shooting occurs where and when cult leader warned!

See the website of Columbine High KILLERS taken off the Net

Another US School Shooting – FORT GIBSON OK – On THE LINE OF SOLLOG!


1 Underground

#1 Underground News & Videos Site Over 20 Years



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